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Dear guests and friends of the Alexis Zorbas Center in Corfu,

Today we address all of you who have supported us so kindly and warmly over the years and have thus created this special place “Alexis Zorbas” from our holiday and seminar center in Corfu. We are addressing you because in this very special 2020 season everything is actually going differently than we had previously planned.

In the meantime, most of us have realized that there cannot be a summer season this year, for you, for us in Corfu and for our agency in Germany, Zorbas Travel.

Cancellation of all bookings and seminars

After a long wait, with careful review of all available information, we have to realize that the decisions and requirements of the Greek government and its authorities in the context of health care leave us with no choice but to cancel this season. We can neither put the kitchen and restaurant into operation, nor can we provide accommodation in the usual quality and under reasonable economic and hygienic conditions. This also applies in a special way to our seminar operation, which is inconceivable with the required "social distancing" and hygienic demands. In addition, there are completely inadequate medical facilities on the island in the event of illness.

We owe it to ourselves, our employees and our guests, not to wait any longer and to make responsible and clear decisions and to communicate now.
This decision is also welcomed by most of our Greek landlords as they find themselves unable to meet the requirements.
Of course, guests and participants of seminars in 2021 are welcome again!

Holidays in Arillas

Since direct air traffic to Corfu is expected to resume from July 1st<x-apple-data-detectors://1>, you still have the opportunity to spend your vacation in Arillas, taking responsibility for your health, care and the quality of your vacation. Rooms or holiday apartments provide various platforms on the Internet and there are several restaurants, taverns and supermarkets in the village and on the beach of Arillas to choose from for this special summer.


Bookings already made

Our agency Zorbas Travel, which works with us, will take care of the correct processing of all bookings already received and made immediately after this letter. We have agreed that all bookings for 2020 will be canceled free of charge and credited if necessary. This is an immense task and so that this can also be done in a good spirit, we ask all our guests who have booked to be patient and cooperate in this matter too.

Take good care of you and stay healthy!

With kind regards

Anadi Nocke
Pari Laskaridis
and the Alexis Zorbas team


We are already experiencing significant financial losses because since November 2019 we have been working tirelessly with our agency Zorbas Travel and without previous earnings to prepare the 2020 season so that we can welcome you all here.
Due to the special situation, there are no further costs for cancellation. However, if you feel the need to help our company in this difficult time, we look forward to a donation, any amount is welcome.

Bernd-Michael Nocke
DE16 2501 0030 0468 9853 03


For body, spirit and soul

For body, spirit and soul

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Individually tailored advice and support

Individually tailored advice and support

You do not know what, when and how? That's no problem, because we will be at your bookings and organize your trip sequence with words and deeds aside. This, makes your trip to a less stressful event. You can sit back and look forward to your vacation.

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Flieger im Sonnenuntergang

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